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Song Lyrics & Synths

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"Song Lyrics & Synths" is a bite-sized podcast that primarily focuses on making FULL tracks for yourself, on the computer and as a hobby. In 1988, I started out as a lyricist only, copyrighted my first batch of song lyrics in 1991, and began learning about music production decades later in 2015. It took me awhile, but I did figure out what a DAW is vs. what does operating DAWless mean? And, I now know what the role of a songwriter is vs. what does a producer do? Nowhere near an expert, I will address some ‘foundational’ issues that have helped me to go from being strictly a lyricist, to becoming someone who not only writes the lyrics, but who makes the backing tracks as well! And, regardless of what you may think of my music, I hope that I can help you to create those ‘music-making chops’ (or at least get you some more basics). To get the most out of "Song Lyrics & Synths," go to